Billing Policy

SKG Radiology is a Private Practice with a private billing policy. Our fees vary depending upon the examination or procedure required. These fees reflect the costs required to sustain a high quality diagnostic imaging service. In line with the SKG Radiology philosophy of putting patients first, SKG Radiology aims to provide a consistent premium service.

SKG Radiology appreciates that there are patients whose financial circumstances limit their ability to meet private fees, and we continue to provide discounted services to enable these patients to access first class imaging services.

It is SKG Radiology’s policy to “bulk‐bill” all out‐patients that hold a Commonwealth Government Pension or Health Care Card at all branches, except Subiaco, Murdoch & Hollywood, for most procedures. Some interventional procedures attract a small out‐of‐pocket expense to the patient. If imaging is performed outside normal practice hours or through the Emergency Department, an additional charge will be incurred which is not claimable on Medicare or your private insurance.

We would appreciate full payment of your accounts on the day of examination. You may then claim back the relevant rebate from Medicare. Currently, private health insurers DO NOT cover any radiological procedures for out‐patients.

We encourage you to ask about the costs of your procedure at the time of booking your appointment.

Hospital In-patients

If you require any services by SKG Radiology during a stay in hospital, you will receive a separate account from us. SKG Radiology is a separate entity to the Private Hospitals and therefore bills for its services separately. Your hospital will explain this prior to your admission.

Your private health insurer may make a contribution towards your fees for radiological imaging, or possibly cover them in full. This depends on both your level of hospital cover and your individual insurance provider. SKG Radiology strongly recommends that you contact your private health insurer prior to your admittance to hospital to find out whether your out‐of‐pocket expenses for radiology will be covered. If you require medical imaging examinations outside normal practice hours, an additional charge will be incurred. This is called an ‘after‐hours surcharge’. Your health insurer will not cover this surcharge.

For more detailed information regarding our Out and In-patient billing policies, please click on the PDFs below.

Out-of-Pocket Expense

This is the difference between any Medicare rebate you receive and SKG Radiology’s private fee. This is also known as the “Gap” payment.