Digital Delivery Solutions

SKG Radiology provides access to results electronically through our SKG Connect and Fetch applications.

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SKG Connect Installer Guide: InteleViewer Installation Guide (2.12Mb)

InteleViewer PC (32 Bit): InteleViewer_4111_win32.exe (95.9Mb)

InteleViewer PC (64 Bit): InteleViewer-4-16-1-P302-install-win64.exe (228.99Mb)

InteleViewer MAC Installer: InteleViewer_4_14_1.dmg (167.2Mb)

InteleViewer MAC Catalina Installer: InteleViewer-4-17-1-P242.dmg (170Mb)

Java Component Installer: jxpiinstall.exe (698Kb)

SKG Connect Icon file: SKGConnect.ico (92.3Kb)

SKG Connect Portal:

InteleViewer User Guide: InteleViewer Guide_V2-0815.pdf (6.91Mb)

InteleConnect User Guide: InteleConnect Guide_V4-0615.pdf (3.43Mb)